The Mind Altar, a Novel of Subterranean Horror

Are you afraid of what lies beneath?

If you like book-length horror with mystery, suspense and sci-fi elements, The Mind Altar will take you on a journey deep beneath a desert mountain, where America’s most dangerous psychopaths are housed. Or were kept. Everyone in this experimental facility, staff and inmates alike, have gone on a rampage and done each other in. Seven of society’s expendables with special skills risk their lives for the hazard pay, but they really don’t know just how dangerous their mission is. You’ll never guess the twist ending.

Available for purchase on amazon through this site in paperback ($13.45) and e-reader ($2.99) formats. A character-driven novel, The Mind Altar draws on America’s current international predicaments and struggles with civil liberties. This work is escapist, yet with a strong point.  Available through this website,  or at amazon at The Mind Altar – Kindle edition by Just, Michael. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @