Welcome to a world of fantasy and adventure.  I challenge you to find a place that stretches the imagination further, that is more joyous, terrifying, bizarre, and at the same time, one that is more comforting and, in the final analysis, more poetically just.

On these pages, you will find novels, true tales of mishappenings in nature, and short, inspirational reflections conducive to contemplation. Novellas and short stories are to come.

Fiction genres include sci-fi/fantasy, horror, mystery and suspense.  All pieces are available in standard softcover and e-reader formats. Inspirational pieces and nature nonfiction are available for free.

  • Novels in e-book  format: $2.99
  • Novels in paperback: $12.99
  • Nature nonfiction: free
  • Inspirational meditations: free

May you find inspiration or escape or whatever your heart desires, even if it runs against the currents of your rational, safe self.

Mike Just

Author Bio

Michael Just is a former attorney, actor, psychotherapist and adjunct professor with an amateur background in science, mythology and storytelling. Born and raised in Chicago, he now lives in the Four Corners region of the American Southwest.  A hiker with an interest in geology, natural history and Native American culture, Mike combines all of his interests and expresses them in his writing.

His short story anthology, Canyon Calls, was published by Zumaya Publications in 2009. His writing has appeared in The Chicago Sun Times, and his short stories have recently been published by The Scarlet Review and 96th of October. He received an honorable mention award from Writer’s Digest in 2011 for short fiction.