• Prisoners of Time

    Nothing Lasts in Time

    At times, I wished I lived in other times, earlier times. To relive a beautiful moment, to revisit an earlier period in a civilization I’ve come to revere. Other times, I wished I lived in later times, leapfrogging all the disease and disorder and war.

    We believe we learn from the […]

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  • And What Is Love?

    On the Edge, Living on Air, Oldest on Earth

    Yale called them the Undying Lands, a term borrowed from Tolkien. To Yale, the Undying Lands were in southeast Utah, the land of his mysterious origins. We never did find out much about his beginnings. As a child, he went from foster home to foster […]

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  • Final Battle

    What’s at the End of Your Rainbow?

    In the 12-stage journey of the hero popularized by scholars such as Joseph Campbell, writers such as Chris Vogler, and the imminent, if dead, psychiatrist, Carl Jung, the hero undergoes many hardships on her way to psychological transformation.

    Like Sarah Connor in the Terminator series, she may begin […]

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  • Approaching the Inmost Cave

    Cave near Comb Wash

    The world myth represents a journey undertaken by the hero (used for both female and male characters) against an adversary of unimaginable powers.  In mythological tales which have existed for thousands of years, since the dawn, cross-cultural similarities regardless of time of emergence have been noted by scholars such as […]

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  • The Qualities of God

    Beyond Thought

    Themes. An idea I’ve revisited lately is the one of God. God has a very hard time of it today. I don’t think that’s because we don’t understand God. I think it’s because we can’t understand it. Think about it: if God was small enough for us to comprehend, It wouldn’t be […]

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  • The Big Empty

    Navajo Lake, Gladstone Peak in the background

    It’s been said that reality is as much what it isn’t as what it is, that the true path leads to emptiness, that God is as much nonbeing as It is being. As a reader of books of esoteric spirituality, I was always confused — and very […]

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  • Connections

    The human brain, it is said, contains 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, though I don’t imagine anyone’s ever tried to count them one-by-one. Each neuron is also said to have about 10,000 connections to its sister nerve cells. Multiply 10,000 times 100 billion, and you end up with a very large number.

    It is stated […]

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  • As Is

    You ever get exactly what you want, and find yourself unable to enjoy it? I mean, to really appreciate it? And it bothers you that you can’t enjoy it, can’t be grateful for it. What’s wrong with me?  you wonder.

    It’s driving 7 hours to the Grand Canyon and then thinking: ‘So what?’ while you’re right […]

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  • The Dugway

    Moki Dugway

    Do you know what a dugway is? I didn’t either, until I happened upon one. The photo above is taken from an outcrop along Cedar Mesa in southern Utah. It shows a long and winding road excavated by U miners in the second uranium boom during the Cold war. Driving up or […]

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