• Forgive Your Parents

    When I was an adolescent and a young man, I had a problematic relationship with my father. He had an explosive temper, and, well, so did I. I remember sitting for hours next to his workbench in our basement in Chicago, watching him build a kitchen nook. My dad was very handy. An electrician by […]

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  • Is This It, Then? The End?

    Oh shit! Did you put out the campfire?

    A lot is happening right now: Coronavirus. Stock market collapse. War in the Middle East. Political instability. You could be forgiven for concluding that the world is at an end. There are certainly enough websites out there that are saying that.

    People have been predicting The End […]

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  • Ra

    Okay, new thread. I’m tired of the old one, and I’m guessing you are, too.

    So Saturday, I went for a hike. It’s mud season here in SW Colorado, so I drove up into the foothills of the San Miguels, north of Dolores, south of Telluride. It was sliddery up there, as some kind soul had […]

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  • Giving Up ‘You’

    An abandoned mine in Utah. Abandon your ‘mine,’ get it?

    We’ve been talking about the inside-outside distinction, which is the idea that the boundary by which we define ourselves, our skins, really creates and defines everyone and everything, else, too. Most of us take this boundary for granted and would never think of giving […]

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  • A Drop of Water

    The Boundary

    We’ve been discussing the Inside-Outside Distinction, and its implications. The Inside-Outside Distinction is actually very simple. It holds that almost all the reality we experience inside and about us is based on the concept of boundary. If the boundary fails, or isn’t real, then there is no me, no you, or anything […]

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  • There’s No Place like No Place

    Are you really on the inside looking out?

    Last week, I wrote about the Inside-Outside Distinction. This idea holds that everything we behold about us is based on a single idea, which is that there is everything inside me, and then there is everything that is not me, which is everything outside the boundary […]

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  • The Inside-Outside

    Does a rainbow have skin?

    I’d like to write about what I call the inside/outside distinction. It is the fundamental division that exists in the cosmos.  It works like this: there is that which is within me, and there is everything and everyone else. There would be no ‘me’ unless there was a you. […]

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  • Channels

    I’d like you to consider something: that we are conduits, and not end states.

    For the most part, humans and other animals (to the extent that animals are self-conscious) consider themselves as end states. For each individual, its own survival is paramount. Even if we think of others, we do so secondarily, as means to the […]

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  • Your Life as Movie

    In my last post, https://justmikejust.com/seriously-youre-…t-that-important/, I asked whether, if this life is similar to the dreams of our sleep, there’s really anything ever to worry about, since dreams have no consequences. I wondered about the reality of karma. The bottom line? If you’re dreaming right now, your actions have no lasting effects. Karma presupposes cause […]

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  • Seriously, You’re Just Not That Important

    It’s been said that being human is a unique gift, since it allows us to choose wisely, so that we can change our karma. Looked at in this way, time is a gift. Therefore, choice is also a gift. Without any of these – our humanity, our free will, and the reality of time – […]

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