• Flow You, Too

    A Daoist might say: Go with the flow. A Buddhist might advise you: Detach from it. A Hindu yogi may conclude: There is no flow. It’s an illusion, and a Christian might tell you to embrace the flow. It has something to teach you. In the end, they all say the same thing.

    I’d been drawn […]

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  • The Music Tree

    You ever feel like running your car over someone’s face? Maybe it’s just me.

    This particular Saturday felt with its cold gray clipper blowing in off Lake Michigan like the first real day of winter, even though a month of days stood between now and its official start.  In the Windy City, this weekend before Thanksgiving, […]

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  • Ctenocephalides Felis

    If you’ve been following the past few posts, I’ve trapped and found homes for four feral felines. Wild kittens, to be exact. But wait, there’s more, in this final installment of Four Feral Felines.

    Yes, they were gone, but they left me with more than I’d ever given them.  They left me with little creatures, called […]

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  • Finding Homes for Cats for Dummies

    Catching you up from the lack couple posts, I have trapped four feral kittens, and now, I am seeking homes for them.

    I begin the flyer campaign.  I stuff every doorway in my townhome development in  an “adorable little kittens looking for a good home” campaign.  In the meantime, Maria at work decides to take one.  […]

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  • How Inspector Gadget Got His Name

    Along one wall of my kitchen-combination-broom-closet runs kitchen cabinets, including the cabinet underneath my sink.  Next to the sink and the cabinet beneath the sink is my dishwasher.  Underneath the sink cabinet there is an overhang, a lip protruding about four inches out.  Beneath this lip is the baseboard, about three inches high.  Late one […]

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  • A Cat House, without the Hookers

    To catch you up from last week’s post, me and my neighbors have just caught four feral kittens that had been nursing in my backyard for the last 5 weeks. I’ve tossed them into my townhome.

    The next step was finding where they’d hidden in my house while I’d been outside.  I’d walled off the dining […]

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  • The Cat with Three Legs

    New strays continued to spontaneously generate on my patio, replacing the old ones as soon as me and my neighbor, Jill, found homes for them.  Jill, and I took turns feeding them.  But there was this one stray short-hair that didn’t look too good.  His eyes were watery.  He didn’t seem to see very well. […]

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  • Your Own Private Obsession

    Tried painting the Sistine Chapel. Got this instead.

    Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. Not that anything in particular’s breaking bad, but I’m getting older and despite all my feverish efforts, I’m still a failed celebrity. Anybody remember Alan Thicke? Well, I don’t either, but I can tell you that he never had […]

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  • Water Falls Yet Does Not Die

    Water falls over the cliffs, bashing itself against the granite again and again, dropping down into plunge pools dozens of feet below.  It does not die.

    Water drops from the highest sky, yet doesn’t shatter.

    Not imprisoned in a skeletal shape, water sculpts the bones.

    Water assumes no form, and so it’s every form.  Unborn, it dies not.

    Ice […]

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