• Needles

    a few of the Needles

    I live near the mountains, yet I prefer the desert. There’s a feeling that the desert gives. What would the Chinese say about my chi, my energy, the energy to which I’m drawn?

    Canyonlands covers over 500 square miles of desert. Since trees grow there – mostly pinion and juniper […]

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  • Good Enough’s Enough

    “…nature strives for adequacy, not perfection.”

    Catch me, if you can

    Life is to be lived, rather than perfected. I’ve spent a good deal of my life not trying to do certain things — take certain risks — because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do them perfectly. But nature strives for adequacy, […]

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  • Introducing You to the Endless You

    Though our experience of God changes throughout our lives, God itself is changeless. Although our understanding of God varies from culture to culture, evolving over time, the ‘substance’ of what God is never varies, and never evolves.  Therefore, it is we who evolve, not God. And since we are a part of God – the […]

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  • All You Do Is Be

    I’ll make a promise to you – I won’t try to improve you, to tell you that you need this from out there, or that you need to get rid of that from inside yourself. I’ll simply let you know what you’ve been hiding from by telling you what I hide from.  It’s simply this: […]

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  • Madness and Mysticism

    There’s a thin line between madness and mysticism. In her tome, Mysticism, Evelyn Underhill describes the kind of temperament you often find in so-called mystics, a term you should probably shoot me for using. But we have to call ’em something, don’t we? Those who see over the horizon, who hear a voice in the […]

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  • The Path to Peace

    People wonder when there will be world peace, as if peace between nations is something that they can only wonder about, and not choose.  Others see the path through peaceful protest, political organization, or violent demonstration.  Maybe we won’t have world peace until each of us experiences personal peace.  And maybe we won’t experience personal […]

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  • Having a Human Experience

    The day I learned that I was a spiritual being trying to have a human experience, and not a human being trying to have a spiritual experience, I felt completely liberated, and free to mess up, probably for the first time since I’d shit my diapers.  Before I became aware that I was fully entitled […]

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  • Arkansas Dusk

    Arkansas in Autumn

    You can glide all day through the Ozarks and not hit a mall until Branson.  I wind through oaken national forest on routes that switchback like true mountain roads even though they rise only 30 feet here, dip just 20 feet there.  I don’t reach higher elevation until the Boston Highlands, […]

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  • Accidents Will Happen

    When something is meant to be, it just is. It just happens. What a glorious miracle are the parade of accidents that make up our lives. Some of the best things that ever happen happen by accident, or because of a mistake.

    It’s a blow to the human ego, but a lot of what we try […]

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  • Zoophilia: It Ain’t What You Think

    ‘I’m horny. You?’

    I’ve discovered a remedy for taking myself too seriously, which I often do.  And that remedy is this: go and get some Bluegrass music.   Not that shit that passes for bluegrass today.  Not the country-rock-blues stuff.  But the breakdown music with banjoes that chug on like locomotives and fiddles that flay […]

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