• Gratitude is Another of the Names for Love

    Love wants not guilt as a sacrifice, as repayment for things given. It seeks gratitude as a voluntary response from a generous heart. Gratitude is never forced from the receiver of a gift as a payment, but only accepted when we choose to give it. The age of the world is long because love waits […]

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  • Felling a Tree

    I’ve been surrounded by trees these last few weeks. You know what I learned?/ That there are over 3 trillion trees on planet earth. No, I haven’t counted them. I might’ve missed one or two that way.

    A lot of the trees around me are dying. Might’ve mentioned in my last post that I’m surrounded by […]

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  • The Nearer World

    I live in an area forested with pinyon-juniper trees. Groves of ponderosa groves and underlying oak brush fill it out on gentle hillsides. In spring, draws bring in the mountain runoff from the La Platas, about 13 miles away. The oak behaves like angry plastic plants whose stems snap back across the face of the […]

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  • From My Shell and Into Paradise

    By the ego’s measure, I’ll always come up short. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll get exactly what I want. I’ll receive the pat on the back that I so crave. But it won’t be enough. The problem with the ego’s measure – or the metric as it’s called – is that it’s one that […]

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  • No One

    No One

    If there is a curse in this world, it is loneliness, an old woman once said.

    It’s ironic, isn’t it, that although there are more people on the same-sized land surface than ever, people seem lonelier than ever, too.

    Loneliness is a feeling. It’s often transitory, and based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

    Solitude is […]

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  • Patience Patients

    God is old and slow, someone once told me. Consider Old Man River (or Old Lady River, for those who think the former is sexist). Rivers meander. The Goosenecks of the San Juan meander 5 river miles as the crow flies 3 miles. Rivers here out West have carved the most extensive canyon system in […]

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  • Uncontrolimpossible

    Take a holograph, or a mirror. Any hologram contains all the information needed to represent the whole. I look into a fragment of a shattered mirror, and I can see my whole reflection.

    The truth is holographic. What that means to me is that if I could live any one part of  truth, I could live […]

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  • Forgive Your Parents

    When I was an adolescent and a young man, I had a problematic relationship with my father. He had an explosive temper, and, well, so did I. I remember sitting for hours next to his workbench in our basement in Chicago, watching him build a kitchen nook. My dad was very handy. An electrician by […]

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  • Is This It, Then? The End?

    Oh shit! Did you put out the campfire?

    A lot is happening right now: Coronavirus. Stock market collapse. War in the Middle East. Political instability. You could be forgiven for concluding that the world is at an end. There are certainly enough websites out there that are saying that.

    People have been predicting The End […]

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  • Ra

    Okay, new thread. I’m tired of the old one, and I’m guessing you are, too.

    So Saturday, I went for a hike. It’s mud season here in SW Colorado, so I drove up into the foothills of the San Miguels, north of Dolores, south of Telluride. It was sliddery up there, as some kind soul had […]

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