• Counting the Forevers

    Some say the universe will expand forever and attain a cold death. Others theorize that if there’s enough dark matter in the universe, it will re-collapse into a Big Crunch, maybe to pulse out again in another Big Bang. Some cosmologists believe that this cycle of exploding and collapsing universes is endless. Those ancient cosmologists, […]

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  • Opinions and Assholes

    It’s been said that opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. That doesn’t mean that I’m an asshole for having an opinion. Or that my opinion is that everybody’s an asshole (though I’ve sometimes thought that). It means that I can’t help but have an opinion.

    But that doesn’t mean that my opinion makes me absolutely […]

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  • The Finger

    The finger. I have 10 of them. I’m told that having them separates me from the animals. I can use a finger to write in the sand, to type these words, to pick my nose (past use).

    I can give my finger to someone. But that’s not usually a good thing. When I point it at […]

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  • Something

    I read a lot of science; physics, cosmology, evolutionary theory. I think deep down, I do this because I’m still looking for a proof of God. And there are none. Science, of all the forms of knowing, can’t provide us with such a proof. It’s not interested in doing so. Science isn’t interested in any […]

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  • The World Is Always Ending

    Yellowstone Caldera will eventually end the world!!

    If we look at the world today, we see a vast array of splits, divisions, and conflicts between and among peoples. Worldwide, there are protests, revolutions, the talk of war between great powers. There are splits between religions, and within religions. There is heightened class warfare. Although […]

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  • Light and Shadow

    Shadow, you get a bad time of it in our world, don’t you? What I don’t like about me, I hide within you, and I become a stranger to myself, and you become what I don’t know that I don’t know about me.

    I nail my specter to the ground, imprisoning my secrets on the face […]

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  • Dark Night of the Turtle


    When I was a boy, there was this cartoon called Tooter Turtle. He was this nerdy little reptile who wore glasses, and he always wanted to be somebody else. He had this friend, a mentor, named Mr. Wizard the Lizard, a reptile cum wizard complete with a robe, a pointy hat, pince-nez specs […]

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  • The Delusion of Happiness

    Most people seek out human ideas of happiness, and that usually involves happiness on their own terms. When we grow up, at some point, we’re asked, through our circumstances or our relationships, to relinquish human formulas for happiness. We’re even brought to question the idea of seeking happiness as a goal in its own right.

    It’s […]

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  • An Inside Job

    In the world, there is no better. There is only different.

    The problem we have as humans stems from the fact that we think different is better, and that we can make the world a better place by making it different. We believe we can change the way we feel by making changes in the world. […]

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  • Flow You, Too

    A Daoist might say: Go with the flow. A Buddhist might advise you: Detach from it. A Hindu yogi may conclude: There is no flow. It’s an illusion, and a Christian might tell you to embrace the flow. It has something to teach you. In the end, they all say the same thing.

    I’d been drawn […]

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