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Lies, Ltd. has been published by The Mystery TribuneLies, Ltd.: Literary Short Fiction by Michael C. Just (

The Obligate Carnivore has been published by the Scarlet Leaf ReviewCategory: MICHAEL JUST – SCARLET LEAF REVIEW

I See You, Too has been published by the 96th of OctoberI See You, Too – 96th of October

Offload, has been published by The Worlds Within at Offload – The Worlds Within

You Get the Two has been published by Hellbound Books and is available in print, eBook, kindle or audio format at Kids are Hell!- Anthology ( or through Amazon at


The Car – A Free Short Story

“I’m telling you, it’s following me.”

“Cars don’t follow people . . .”

“Lemme guess: people follow people.”

“Well . . .”

“What do I pay you for, anyway?”

“Have you looked through the window to see who’s driving, Kate?”

“It has tinted windows.”

“Have you contacted the police?”

“I have contacted the police, like, 75 times.”  I took out the Kleenex and […]

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Love – A Free Short Story

“I hate him.”

Candace smiled and nodded. She adjusted the gain on her speaker and clicked off her email to increase the bandwidth on the image. Sam came into resolution a little clearer.

“Are you still engaged?” Candace wondered.

Sam shrugged.

“You can’t spend this much time with someone and not get on each other’s nerves,” Candace offered to […]

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Hate – A Free Short Story

I worked as a forensic psychologist part time to supplement the meager income I made in my private mental health practice, where I saw Medicaid clients. And Medicaid didn’t pay much. So, I did evaluations for the courts. All kinds of evals: psychosocials, psychosexuals, PSI’s, evaluations for competency, fitness to stand trial, custody, parental fitness. […]

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The Maul – A Free Short Story

“You better hurry or we’ll be late for the flight,” I said to Candace.

She walked out of her bedroom down the long hall with oak wainscoting. “I’m never late.”

“First for everything,” I said, looking her up and down. I walked down the Oriental runner and stood before her, a full 6 inches taller than she. […]

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A Time to Die – Free Short Story

An impassive face hovered behind the glass port punched into the security door.

His tangled hair, down to his shoulders, had gone to ash. It’d never been that long. Fish eyes bulged behind oil-pawed spectacles, trapped on the residents’ side of the oil-pawed wire mesh glass. Dwindled brilliance in the eyes, like the dying embers of […]

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