• Wrecking the W(r)est

    Sand Canyon

    I imagine that the farmers which lived on the outskirts of the first known city, Ur, in Mesopotamia, formed a committee to oppose its development. They appeared before the first Planning and Zoning Commission and pointed out the regulation against subdivision in lots smaller than three acres. And lost. It’s been the […]

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  • The Heart’s Intention

    It doesn’t matter where a prayer comes from, what faith or temple. If it’s a true prayer, it emanates from the human heart, only to reach of the heart of God. If you believe it, the prayer is already answered.

    It may not be the reply you desire, but every prayer that originates in the heart […]

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  • My Unconditioner is Broken



    I was hiking in a canyon off the beaten path just after dawn when I decided to reach a ridge and see if I could spy Monument Valley from it. I waded and zigzagged through the sage and Mormon tea, finally using a box-shaped juniper as my guidepost. Out here in southeast Utah, […]

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  • Just for You

    You can’t force it. You can only open yourself to it.

    You don’t choose it. It chooses you.

    You can embrace it, but don’t expect it to hug you back.

    The one fact that remains after all your illusions are dispelled is that you aren’t in control.

    You’ll say goodbye to everyone and everything that you ever loved, and […]

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  • The Difference Between Acceptance and Resignation

    There is a difference between acceptance and resignation. Acceptance leads to peace. Resignation to bitterness. How can I tell the difference?

    Resignation is gritting my teeth, balling my fists, and shoving them in my pockets. It’s boding my time until the thing changes, until the people move away, or until I just give up. Resignation says […]

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  • Youth Isn’t Wasted on the Old

    Youth may be wasted on the young, but it’s not wasted on the old. Or maybe, youth may be wasted on the young, but age isn’t wasted on the old. We live as long as we do for a reason. In the first phase of our lives, we’re getting ready. All our systems are coming […]

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  • The Truth is in Here

    The truth is out there, was the theme behind the X Files, a show about UFO’s and occult phenomenon that aired back in the 90’s. The truth is that the truth isn’t out there. It’s in here. It’s in me. It’s in you. But that doesn’t make it any less mysterious.

    It’s cool, of course, to […]

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  • Wherever You Go . . .

    I used to wish that I could die so I could be finished with all my suffering. Some of us are like that. We just want to get it all over with. Maybe enter into our reward in heaven, as they used to put it in the old days. For so much of human history, […]

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  • The Problem Problem

    My brain seems preoccupied with problems. Evolved on the savannahs once we began walking upright, no evolutionary biologist can really say why we developed a cortical brain, responsible for reason and language, for mathematics and music. It’s five times the size of the more primitive mammalian and reptilian brains on top of which it’s built, […]

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  • Teach Your Children Well

    We teach our children about death, but what do we teach ourselves about it? That it’s final. That it’s irreversible. That it happens to us all.

    Mainly, perhaps, we communicate our fears surrounding it, for the fear of our ending in time is the ultimate fear. Many other fears are forms of this one terror dressed […]

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