• Endless Return, or Endlessness?

    The idea of an eternal return is an ancient one that has been around since classical times. It says that the souls of humans reincarnate forever. In the old Greek myth, when people died, they drank from the waters of forgetfulness, and forgot the suffering they endured in their past incarnations on earth. They went […]

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  • Ends and Means

    Vegas be fine, but . . .

    The problem for most of us is that we see the world as an end in itself, rather than as a means to an end.

    When I treat the world as an end in itself, I end up chasing money to buy happiness, power to exert control, pleasure […]

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  • The Memory of Innocence

    There’s a piece of each of us that never dies. It won’t die. It can’t die no matter how much we may wish it would sometimes, no matter how many times we try to cover it up, to bury it. And that part of ourselves is our innocence. It’s the spontaneous part of ourselves that […]

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  • Inevitable

    We search the heavens looking for that extraterrestrial Big Brother because we want to believe we’re not alone, that life isn’t an accident about to be snuffed out by the next asteroid. We want to believe our lives aren’t random. Yet life is inevitable, and as expressions of life, we’re inevitable, too.

    We are meant to […]

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  • The Resolution

    Of all the resolutions, vows and promises that have ever been made, few have been kept. None have amounted to much anyway. When you draw your last breath, you won’t be thinking about that 20 lbs you never lost in 2015. As Carmella Soprano says in The Sopranos, in the end, it all gets washed […]

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  • The Leftovers

    You’ve heard of the cycle of birth and death, of karma, of the endless return. Some call it reincarnation. Others, the transmigration of the soul. I call it the endless wash cycle. We’re all in this infinitely-sized, frontload washing machine that alternates between rinse and spin, either hosing off the remains of the last life […]

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  • The Shape of the Glass. The Wine Within.

    I love you. Yet you loved me before I knew what love was. You made me. I didn’t make you. Together, we co-create the cosmos.

    I am so much less than I wanted to be. Yet underneath the fiction of who I think I am, waiting for birth when I finally relinquish my hopes and dreams, […]

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  • The Race between Bears and Bank Accounts

    Sometimes, I think life is a race between faith and fear. I need to develop enough faith before my fears swamp me. And those fears can be about anything: money, health, what somebody thinks about me (or what I think they think about me), the End of the Friggin’ World. Doesn’t matter. Fear is a […]

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  • Being Your Own Dentist

    Once you find out that your ego’s the source and center of all your problems, you’re liable to just want to trash it. When I was a young dude, I never thought I had an ego. Then, when I found out I had one, of course I had the biggest ego ever made. I had […]

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  • A Meditation on Light

    The way light shines on all things, each in its moment of eternity while the light embraces. Light born in that instant. Different from this moment to the next, from this day to the day that follows. Autumn light isn’t the same on the mountain as summer sunset. February dawn a sharp distance from the […]

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