• Zoophilia: It Ain’t What You Think

    ‘I’m horny. You?’

    I’ve discovered a remedy for taking myself too seriously, which I often do.  And that remedy is this: go and get some Bluegrass music.   Not that shit that passes for bluegrass today.  Not the country-rock-blues stuff.  But the breakdown music with banjoes that chug on like locomotives and fiddles that flay […]

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  • Giving the Woods a Bath

    The more time I spend in the woods, the more time I want to spend with them. Yesterday, I limbed a pinyon I’d spent days cutting down. The work became easier. Much easier than expected. The first part – cutting down an oversized tree with a 12″ diameter trunk, was much more difficult. I never […]

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  • The Infinite Voyage

    You to begin to focus on where you’re going. But where you’re going is toward fuller awareness of where you already are. In a sense, it’s where you’ve already been. It’s told that we need to focus on the journey, and not the destination. Maybe that’s because the journey is an infinite one within ourselves.

    I […]

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  • Never Left Home

    If I were smart enough to figure it out, then I could prove it to you. And there’d be no argument.

    If it were small enough to see it all at once, then it wouldn’t be big enough to be the mystery that it is.

    If words could describe it, then a book would explain it. So […]

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  • When All the Judgment Falls Away

    A great thinker once remarked that we are on an infinite journey toward an infinite God. And since we are finite, we never get there.

    I don’t know whether this is true. From this side of the veil, from our human side, it certainly seems that way. To be human is to be limited. It is […]

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  • The Good, the Bad, the Undeserving

    Why do bad things happen to good people? And why, oh why, do good things happen to bad people? They just don’t deserve ’em.

    Truth is–

    Bad things happen to good people.

    Bad things happen to bad people.

    Good things happen to good people.

    Good things happen to bad people.

    What’s good, and what’s bad anyway?

    Who’s bad and who’s good? That’s […]

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  • The Children of Light

    We are children of an uncreated light. Yet our egos sometimes have different roles they’d like us to play. Sometimes, my ego assigns to me the role of God. Sometimes, the part of devil. Most of the time, it casts me in roles between these extremes. It assigns me any part besides that which I […]

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  • To Be Held by the Unknowable

    God is the sum total of all that is unknowable. Humility is total dependence on God for all things. Therefore, humility is dependence upon the unknowable. It’s trust in what can’t be known with certainty. It’s faith in what can never be grasped fully by the intellect.

    And this, perhaps, is the reason so few of […]

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  • The Opening

    The Infinite understands you, but you don’t understand it.

    The Endless comprehends what it is, yet you don’t comprehend what you are.

    This is the unilateral nature of existence.

    In understanding is awareness, and awareness is all, is life itself.

    A river flows in only one direction. In the same way, the creative force of the cosmos extends from […]

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  • The Puzzle Within

    The paradox is that the targets for change lie within, things like my selfishness, my fear, my lust and my greed. Yet I must take actions outside my self to effectuate these changes.

    The journey is an inward one, yet it manifests itself through outward action. I need do nothing, since I am a child of […]

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