• Loving the Ugly

    Abandoned church, Chicago

    It’s been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Sounds nice, but what does it actually mean to you? To me, it represents the central place of imperfection in all spiritual practice. It gives us permission us to love the imperfect, because nothing on earth was made with […]

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  • The All

    To realize the all, you only need aware yourself of it. In your individual state, you are not the all, but you are a representation of it. Since the all is ever present, each individual is a microcosm of its unlimited nature. The all is you, must be you. For that which is limitless cannot […]

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  • Naughting

    Drift Smoke from North Rim Fires, Grand Canyon

    Tawhid doesn’t descend into you. It is to be naughted.

    Do you know what this means? I had to read it a few times before I began to understand its implications. The quote is from Rumi, a Persian mystic. ‘Tawhid’ refers to the unitary nature of […]

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  • To Be Human, in Time

    Time Has Its Uses

    The ability to choose is predicated on the existence of time. Without time, there is no need, and no ability, to choose anything. I choose, therefore, to be grateful for time, temporary gift that it is.

    Being human also allows me to choose differently. Were I a garden slug, my choices […]

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  • To Forget What You Think You Are

    Beauty is lost itself thru contemplation of itself

    If you think you’ve advanced in your awareness beyond others, you’ve lost awareness, because you’ve lost humility.

    Regarding your progress, the only conclusion you can come to is not to conclude at all. To be aware is to suspend judgment. It is not even to be aware […]

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  • The Puzzle

    Could the tree live with even one of its roots missing?

    I was peering up at a mountain, Hesperus in the La Plata Range to be exact, and as I stood miles from its base, the peak took up increasing fractions of the sky. It occurred to me that even though this 13,000 foot […]

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  • Prisoners of Time

    Nothing Lasts in Time

    At times, I wished I lived in other times, earlier times. To relive a beautiful moment, to revisit an earlier period in a civilization I’ve come to revere. Other times, I wished I lived in later times, leapfrogging all the disease and disorder and war.

    We believe we learn from the […]

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  • And What Is Love?

    On the Edge, Living on Air, Oldest on Earth

    Yale called them the Undying Lands, a term borrowed from Tolkien. To Yale, the Undying Lands were in southeast Utah, the land of his mysterious origins. We never did find out much about his beginnings. As a child, he went from foster home to foster […]

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  • Final Battle

    What’s at the End of Your Rainbow?

    In the 12-stage journey of the hero popularized by scholars such as Joseph Campbell, writers such as Chris Vogler, and the imminent, if dead, psychiatrist, Carl Jung, the hero undergoes many hardships on her way to psychological transformation.

    Like Sarah Connor in the Terminator series, she may begin […]

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