The Crippy

Mitch Cantsee is always on the run – from the law, from his duties as a father. Yet now, this fugitive drug dealer of half-Navajo, half-Anglo descent is up against something he can’t see. And he has to run differently this time, because he has a little girl, Samsara, in tow, whose mother pawned her off for a corner bag of meth.

Why is everyone after Sam? She claims she can speak any language after hearing jut a few phrases. Is it true? Is that why everyone from government spooks to drug cartels to strange beings she calls the oglethings seem to hunt her? Or has Mitch’s mind been so bent by drugs that he believes a child’s make-believe?

Take a trek with them through the desolate Four Corners as they escape from enemies unseen. Along the way, mysterious strands of their past weave together in unexpected ways, changing their future, and just maybe, the future of the human race.

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© 2022 by Michael C. Just

Mike’s novel, The Dirt: The Journey of a Mystic Cowboy, is available in softcover or eBook formats through Amazon as well.

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