The Puzzle Within

The paradox is that the targets for change lie within, things like my selfishness, my fear, my lust and my greed. Yet I must take actions outside my self to effectuate these changes.

The journey is an inward one, yet it manifests itself through outward action. I need do nothing, since I am a child of love and nothing needs to added to or subtracted from within to make me worthy of love. I am love. Therefore, I am loved, and I do love.

And yet, I am here to display that glory within. And so, I must act to show it. I must choose.

Love here, then, is action. Yet by action it demonstrates that no act is required for it to be itself.

You need do nothing, yet your great regret will be that you did just that.

In this puzzle lies the meaning of your life, and its emptiness as well.

Nothing here really matters. We need live our lives as if this is so.

And yet to waste the time, the humanity and the choice we’ve been given is the only tragedy there is.

© 2022 by Michael C. Just

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