The Opening

The Infinite understands you, but you don’t understand it.

The Endless comprehends what it is, yet you don’t comprehend what you are.

This is the unilateral nature of existence.

In understanding is awareness, and awareness is all, is life itself.

A river flows in only one direction. In the same way, the creative force of the cosmos extends from its source and center unto you. And thereafter, from you, to that which you find beyond you.

Yet the universe has no true center. We all are centers. Unborn, each of us is the birthing place through which the cosmos is born. Deathless, all of us live forever outside of a time that never was or will be.

Your whole role and function in this life is to act as a conduit for this awareness, which is love. To continue to give what is within you, to pass on what is given you to give, and to hold on to none of it. For the first drop of understanding you seek to keep dies in the instant you withhold  it.

Love understands you, yet you’ll never understand it. For from your present perspective, love is beyond understanding. In your present vessel, it can only be experienced.

Look, therefore, not to comprehend what you can only receive, but seek only to give it, and thereafter know through an inward feeling that you are that which you extend on to yet others.

Receive it without defenses. Give it to all with equanimity. In this alone lies the purpose of your existence. In this lies peace, lies freedom.

You cannot possess it. It is not in having.

You cannot earn it. It is neither in deserving nor worth.

You’ll never attain it. To achieve is as nothing.

Simply open yourself to it, and let it move through you.

And then, shall you know.

© 2022 by Michael C. Just

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