Giving the Woods a Bath

The more time I spend in the woods, the more time I want to spend with them. Yesterday, I limbed a pinyon I’d spent days cutting down. The work became easier. Much easier than expected. The first part – cutting down an oversized tree with a 12″ diameter trunk, was much more difficult. I never thought I’d actually finish the job.

I worked at it day by day, whittling away until it looked like it had been beavered. There was still a good amount of sap in the tree. Cutting down a green tree is brutal work, especially when all you have to do it with is a dull handsaw. The first few days, I dreaded heading out there to do it. But in the era of lockdown, it’s a good use of time. I slept better at night after a few hard hours out there in the forest. My hands, my arms ached at night. But I got into better shape. I began to look forward to the work.

After I finished my writing in the mornings, my time as a sawyer in the afternoons became the best part of my day. Cleaning the woods is cleaning my house. What I do to the earth is what I do to myself. You can remodel the inside of your home. You can remodel what lies outside of it, too. Cleaning up the woods – removing dead and beetled trees, picking up the beer cans and plastic bags and old Styrofoam cups – that’s giving myself a sauna, a soak in a hot tub, and a shower all at once. All that I do, I do to me.

I think I’m giving the woods a bath. But really, they’re giving one to me. It’s called forest bathing, and reliable research shows that it has a positive effect on health, especially immunity. Everything I do, I do to me.

© 2022 by Michael C. Just

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