The Infinite Voyage

You to begin to focus on where you’re going. But where you’re going is toward fuller awareness of where you already are. In a sense, it’s where you’ve already been. It’s told that we need to focus on the journey, and not the destination. Maybe that’s because the journey is an infinite one within ourselves.

I grew up believing that we eventually arrived in heaven after a long and difficult journey on planet earth. Now, I read in a book written by a truly wise man that we are on an infinite journey toward an infinite God, and that we never get there. For if we’re human, we’re limited. And if God is, then God is infinite, and we can never cross Its threshold, which recedes in infinite regress. This is the measure of the voyage we make as humans.

Yet if we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, then it’s only from our limited vantagepoints as humans, from our orientation studying our positions on a finite map drawn for an infinite scape, that we see our human aspects as finite beings along this infinite path.

As spiritual beings, we’ve never left the heart of God. If God is infinite, we can never really participate in anything but the endless and eternal, and our whole journey is one in which, like Dorothy’s, we seem lost in Oz. Yet we wake to discover that we’ve never left our home.

© 2022 by Michael C. Just

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