The Resolution

Of all the resolutions, vows and promises that have ever been made, few have been kept. None have amounted to much anyway. When you draw your last breath, you won’t be thinking about that 20 lbs you never lost in 2015. As Carmella Soprano says in The Sopranos, in the end, it all gets washed away.

So, my resolution this year is not to resolve to do anything new or different. It’s just to be in this moment, in this day, and no other. It’s to live now, not then. It’s to accept myself as I am, with all faults, and to receive others as they are, too. It’s to love, not to climb a mountain.

I’m a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around. My resolution is to be human, to break my resolutions. It may say CONQUERED THE WORLD or WATCHED TOO MUCH FOOTBALL on my headstone, but heaven won’t refuse entrance to those without fame. I can’t bank what I accomplished any more than I take with me what I’ve stowed under the mattress. I’ll end up doing so much less than my ego expected, yet I’m so much more than I could ever imagine. All I need do is love. All I need be is me.

© 2022 by Michael C. Just

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