The Crippy Comes of Age

The Crippy is a sci-fi, fantasy thriller with elements of mystery and suspense. It moves quick and should keep you on the edge. Mitch Cantsee is a man whose past closes in on him. A deadbeat dad with nothing but a corner bag of meth and a prison record to show for his life, he takes on much more than he bargained for when one of his drug customers pawns her 8-year-old daughter on Mitch. He discovers that the girl has a gift for languages and codes which make her sought after by governments, gangsters and, unless Mitch’s drug-induced fugues have made him delusional, even creatures beyond this earth.

The Crippy is available in softcover ($13.45) and e-reader ($2.99) editions on amazon at The ending may surprise you, and there are more twists along the way than the mountain and desert roads Mitch and his young charge, Sam, can turn down.